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September 12, 2014 /  On the Subject of Accelerationism

Simon O Sullivan gives an in-depth and considered review of #Accelerate in metamute: link

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September 9, 2014 /  Protocols of Abstraction

Sequence Press have just published Reza Negarestani's essay on the work of Jean-Luc Moulène (whose work also features in Collapse VIII). Torture Concrete accompanies the show of Moulène's work at Miguel Abreu Gallery.

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Bookstore Suggestions

We are about to send out our trade catalogue with new titles for 2014-15. Once again we invite you to recommend bookstores worldwide where you would like to see Urbanomic titles in stock. Please email with your suggestions. Thanks!

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September 4, 2014 /  Ebooks and Jihad

In response to many requests, we have been preparing all the previous volumes of Collapse into ebook format; they will be published progressively, beginning with Collapse 1: Numerical Materialism later this month.
In rereading Collapse 1 (2006) it occurred to us that the first piece Urbanomic published by Reza Negarestani, The Militarization of Peace: Absence of Terror or Terror of Absence? deserves to be widely reread today, so we have made this article available as a preview epub: Download here.

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August 26, 2014 /  Merve

Great news from Merve, Akzeleration#2, German companion volume to #Accelerate, is now out, along with a translation of Laruelle's Concept of Non-Photography together with 'Photo-Fiction'.


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